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Best Free Stuff for Your PC



Here is a list of the best 10 FREE Amazing Software Programs available for your PC.


Many, but not all of the list come from Best Free Stuff for Your PC 2011 published by PC World and The Best Free Software of 2010 published by PC Magazine.


You can see the complete list of 68 software programs for your PC at:


Best Free Stuff for your PC 2011  (PC World)


Read The Best Free Software of 2010 (PC Magazine) at:


The Best Free Software of 2011 (PC Magazine)


Here is my list. If you have any recommendations or comments, please write to:





Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.50 is the best program around for removing spyware and popups that may be inundating your computer. It doesn't use up any memory on your machine unless you are actively using it to remove problems. Even if your computer is well-protected, running Malwarebytes monthly will give you peace of mind. 


Malwarebytes (Detect and Remove Malware)



AVG FREE Edition 2011 Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware offers great protection for your PC. If you don't want to spend a penny on protecting your computer from malware, this is a great alternative. It's difficult to put a number on just how good it is. I arbitrarily tell people that AVG is 90%-95% as effective as using a paid program like Norton Internet Security (my favorite). According to AVG, they have over 110 million users. Read the AVG license agreement carefully. Although it is FREE to home users, businesses are supposed to pay.


AVG Anti-Virus (Anti-Spyware) Free Edition 2011



DD Poker is an outstanding FREE poker game. It used to sell for $49.95 and is still available at that price in many stores. It's a really nice poker game and tutorial. It's great for learning to play Texas Hold'em. It used to be sold by a major poker pro and sold through all the major computer stores and electronic outlets. The author has updated the software and offers it for free. This is not shareware type software. It is an excellent professional package. If you have any interest in Poker (especially Texas Hold'em)  or wish to pass the game on to your customers or friends, go to:


DD Poker


Paymo Time Tracking and Invoicing (Time and Billing) is for lawyers, plumbers, and auto repair services that often bill for time by the hour. At $495, Sage Timeslips is one of the best. Timeslips lets you click a button on your computer at the start of a task to start the timer. When your task is completed, you click a Timeslips button again. Press another button and you can print an invoice. Or, you can add more tasks to the project and printout an invoice at a later time. Paymo is a FREE Online alternative to Timeslips. You can time your tasks online without installing any software. It works with any computer, laptop, Ipad, or other internet accessible devices. Get a FREE Paymo account at:

Paymo Time Tracking & Invoicing (Time & Billing) 


Mailinator.com FREE 24 Hour Email Address let's you use a FREE untraceable email address instantly. Here's how it works. Let's say you go to a website that requires your email address. You don't want to give away your primary email address. With Mailinator, you can instantly make up a new email address that you can or anyone else can access for 24 hours. Thus, the website that you visited will have a valid email address that you or anyone else can access for that period of time. You can access and obtain your FREE 24 hour email address at:


Mailinator (Free 24 Hour Email Address)



SyncToy 2.1 is a FREE backup program from Microsoft. It is outstanding. SyncToy can back up your data every time you run the program. Or using the Scheduler that comes with your computer, you can have SyncToy automatically back up your files at scheduled periods of time (for example, 3 AM every morning). Unfortunately, although SyncToy is FREE and pretty easy to use, you may need a more experienced computer user to set it up for you. SyncToy can backup or synchronize all of your important music, spreadsheets, photos, business and other data with an external USB hard drive, flash drive, or other computers on your network. 


More information and the FREE software is available on Microsoft's website at:


SyncToy (Microsoft Backup Software) 



CCleaner 3 is one great FREE utility for cleaning up your registry and removing unnecessary files from your hard-drive. It's safe to use and has outstanding reviews by the computer experts as well as users. CCleaner is a nonintrusive program. You run it and exit the program. It doesn't run in the background and slow down your computer. It can clean out and compact your registry. It deletes unnecessary files on your computer. It cleans out your recycle bin and removes unwanted cookies. It deletes files that Uninstall does not remove. It can clean out and scrub your computer of file remnants that although deleted, still remain on your computer until they are overwritten. Like Malwarebytes, I run CCleaner monthly.


You can download CCleaner and read more about it at CNET (a very legit company owned by CBS which offers free downloads and computer news):


CCleaner (Registry and File Cleaner)


Eraser 6.08 erases individual files or your complete hard drive without leaving any traces of that file. Did you know that when you delete a file on your computer, you are not actually deleting it? You are deleting an entry in the directory that refers to your file, but your file actually remains on your computer forever. That letter or photo that you wanted to delete is hidden somewhere on your computer for eternity or until your computer magically overwrites that information with something more current. Erase 6 overwrites any selected deleted files with 0's and 1's or someother gibberish so that your file can never be seen or recovered by others. More importantly is that you may want to wipe out your hard drive before retiring your computer. Eraser 6 will insure that your hard drive is completely scrubbed clean.


For more information and to download this FREE program go to:


Eraser 6 (Hard Drive File Scrubber)


Chrome 10 may be the best browsers. About 57% of  computer owners use Internet Explorer to browse the internet. Internet Explorer or IE is the web browsing software that comes with Microsoft Windows. 6% of computer owners use Safari. This doesn't count so much since most of these users have an Apple Mac. 21% are using Firefox. Firefox has been a favorite of geeks and those who don't like Internet Explorer or Microsoft. Users find Firefox to be more reliable and faster. In the past, the Firefox share was closing in on 30%. Lately, Firefox (and Internet Explorer) have been losing their share of the market to Chrome. Chrome is Google's browser for surfing the internet. It now has an 11% market share and is climbing rapidly. The expert reviews currently pick Chrome as the fastest and best browser available. You can download and install Chrome on your computer and give it a try. It is basically a non-intrusive program. You can run it and close it and it does not take up any memory on your computer. You may want to read the installation instructions carefully. Do not download any additional programs with Chrome or make it your default browser unless you choose to do so.


Download Chrome on the Google site at:


Google Chrome 


Audacity 1.2.6 is a program that records any audio you play on your computer. If you listen to radio stations or music on your computer, you can record it, transfer it to your iPod or MP3 player, share it with others, and listen to it later. Audacity will also let you edit recordings.


Read more about Audacity and download a FREE copy at:


Audacity (Record Music and Voice Coming From Your Computer)